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Minnesota COVID-19 Resources for Autism/Special Needs

Hello, Blue Birds!

For #AutismAwarenessDay, we thought about putting together a specific list of resources relating to ASD/special needs. As of right now, the "Resources" tab on our website is currently under construction as we are updating it with a more comprehensive list of resources in Minnesota. Below is a list of resources relating to dealing with online education, mental health, accessible housing, and COVID-19 vaccination information.

Learning From Home:

  1. Making Special Education Work for Your Child During COVID-19:

  2. Making Sensory-Friendly Home Modifications:

  3. Tips for Supporting Individuals on the Spectrum during Uncertain Times:

  4. How to Help Autistic Students Navigate Through a Turbulent School Year:

  5. Remote Learning for Students with ASD:

Mental Health/Dealing with Stress:

  1. Tips for Coping with COVID-19 Stress:

  2. Helping Kids with Traumatic Experiences:

  3. Dealing with Change:,to%20communicate%20their%20emotions%2Fdesires.

  4. Fatigue and Burnout:

  5. Dealing with Anxiety:

Finding Accessible Housing:

  1. MN Accessible Housing:

  2. The Arc Minnesota:

  3. Accessible Rental Guide:

Vaccination Information:

  1. MN Vaccination Updates:

  2. CDC Vaccination Information Overview:

  3. When Will Kids get the COVID-19 Vaccine?:

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